Auckland City Hospital, Grafton (ADHB)

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Auckland City Hospital, Grafton (ADHB)

2015 03 25 14.17.13

Auckland City Hospital, Grafton (ADHB)

In 2015, a trial was undertaken to process hospital clinical & hazardous medical waste, of all types, through a Waste Processor located onsite.

The trial successfully turned a problematic waste stream into an inert, sanitised and Refuse Derived Fuel.

During the trial, 11.5 tonnes of clinical waste was effectively treated and sterilised to NZS 4304:2002 standards. The procedure resulted in a 70% waste volume reduction and a 48% reduction in the weight of that waste. The output was a dry and sterilised highly calorific solid fuel. 

ADHB is currently exploring opportunities to use this waste processor technology as part of its sustainability program.