Our environmentally friendly technology processes waste streams into inert sanitised calorific-rich RDF

Our processors have the capability to process up to 2,000kg per hour
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Hazardous Medical Waste

Utilising our waste processor technology we transform hazardous medical and clinical waste into highly calorific uniform solid fuel which can then be processed in our Pyrolysis technology to generate sustainable renewable energy.

Our Waste Processors achieve 100% sterilisation, a 70% reduction in waste volume and a 50% reduction in weight.  The process output is a sterilised highly calorific refuse derived fuel (RDF) a valuable source of feedstock for further processing to energy.

Before Treatment

Unsorted Medical Waste

Hazardous Medical Waste

After Treatment

After Treatment Sterilised RDF

Sterilised RDF

Waste Processor Advantages

  • No emissions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Weight & volume reductions
  • Reduced waste costs
  • Exceptional level of sterilisation
  • Output dry, inert and usable “waste into value”
  • Ease of operation

Our Waste Processor range efficiently process from 20kg to 2,000kg per hour with our WPTM Processors specifically designed for hospital, clinical and hazardous waste.

Feeding Hazardous Waste into the Waste Converter

The Waste Processors meet European and New Zealand safety standards and allow the statement “Zero Waste to Landfill” to be achieved.
Waste Processors can be installed at the point of waste generation or incorporated into a spoke and hub model.

The Waste Converter